Whats next for Hip Hop and Fashion

“it’s a kind of validation of one’s work”, said Tom Ford, in an interview given by WWD. Jay Z in his most recent album release mentioned Mr. Ford in a line when he said…  “I don’t pop Molly, I rock Tom Ford”. Jay Z wasn’t the first and he certainly will not be the last rapper to promote a brand through their lyrics. For many years artist especially rap artist have placed verbal ads into their lyrics for companies without seeing a dime from it.

In the past, artists would mention their favorite shoes, clothes or liquor for the fun of it or to what it used to be called “floss”, but now it’s no secret that well-placed branding might land you a product endorsement deal, tour sponsorship or, at the very least, a closet full of free products, clothes or accessories to rock. Here are a few of the brand names mentioned in songs by artist:

Nike, Ray-Bans, Jordan, Billionaire Boys Club

As for high-end labels, Gucci, Versace, Hermes and Givenchy get shout outs but no one gets a name drop quite like Tom Ford.

Burberry, Air Force Ones, Alizé, Maybach, you name it, you wear it, they wear it and then rap about it.

Why give other brands or companies free advertising when you can help yourself out and promote your own line. Well over the recent years artists have done just that. Artist such as P Diddy and Jay-Z to recent independent artist like Nipsey are rapping about and promoting their own brands and clothing lines. In recent years, P Diddy has been able to boost his clothing line Sean John and current success Ciroc to make great profits.


Lets take you back….

82 was the year and Grandmaster Flash name-dropped Calvin Klein in a song titled “Then Jeans” the line went like this ” Them Jeans

Jordache,Sasson or,huh,Calvin Klein
I gotta put on my shades ’cause you’re makin’ me blind
Don’t even know her name,but still I can’t get enough
I’ll call her earthquake,’cause I’m all shook-up
I followed her across the street
and I nearly got killed
Your name must be Gloria,Damn you’re built
Looks like they’re comin’ apart at the seams
But,girl,I love the way you look in

Them Jeans

Cant lie

A$AP Rocky – Fashion Killa

grew on me and in this song A$AP named  at least 27 different name brands that I hope he got paid for…

check it out and let me know what you think…

and im still tripping about some of the lyrics because I could of sworn I heard “get him a purse or something” but hey “her pistol GO”…


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