My Name Is My Name: Pusha T

Pusha T finally locks a date down for his new album “My Name is My Name”. October 8th will be a day that will forever stamp Pusha T as an official solo artist aside from his partner and brother in rhymes; Malice. Pusha who is now 36, has consistently put out hits with his brother Malice since 2002, yet they only recently decided to go separate ways as far as releasing new music. Since 2010 Pusha has features on many hit singles with alot of other major artists, and successfully put out mixtapes that have been highly praised in the hip hop community.

When Pharrell and the Clipse parted ways back in 2007, there was a period were Malice and Pusha T was just trying to get their Re-Up Gang up and running. Malice took his time away from the limelight and told himself he wanted to make changes in his personal life before he touched the mic again. He wanted his music to have more structure and significance. Pusha T just wanted to be the best, rated with the best in today’s generation of hip hop artists. He set out to be the hottest and nearly 3 years later he was back trending and back in the ears of new listeners as well as some of the older fans who have followed his career since The Clispe era.

Pusha T recently sat down with to discuss the state of hip hop, address the meaning behind the title of his new album, the production on the album and much more.

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