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RAP STATS is a brand-new tool, developed by Rap Genius and according to RG the tool will

Help you figure out the patterns of drug dealers, when hip-hop became big business, and whether money really is over bitches

Just when you thought RAP and Hip Hop couldn’t get anymore interesting Rap Genius introduces a system that captures actual words used by emcees and places the results into charts and graphs. At first glance it is a very cool tool to look at even going the through the chart and the different break downs. Its main sources of data comes from the top 6 social networks used by rappers which include:

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According to the charts with a sharp decline of  Tom “MySpace.com” in 2008, Twitter became a Giant almost over night and everyone went twitter crazy. The #HASHTAG was the biggest thing to hit the market and everyone wanted to know what was next. In the rap world, Twitters rep has always been on the rise with artist such as westcoast Rap Star @SnoopDogg having more than 11.1 million followers on twitter opposed to the worlds newest craze  imagesInstagram with only having 127,563 followers. Honestly when have you ever seen your favorite rapper on  myspace1 Myspace  or images-1Facebook for that matter ? Now don’t get me wrong, I as most of us did started out using Myspace then most of us jumped to facebook in 2007. Hands down, we would never find our favorite rappers using myspace or facebook as much as Twitter and now IG. Twitter is and has always been the big factor in Rap and Hip Hop. Numbers and Charts don’t lie take a look for yourself at the chart below.


To get a full representation of the number click on the chart above.

According to Rap Genius RapStats is one of the latest experiments backed by Andreessen Horowitz. Type in a few terms or phrases and RapStats will go at it and compose a graph that will compare the frequent use of those words found in digital libraries across the internet. About how far back can it go ? Well lets just say hip hop lyrics from Public Enemy It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back (1988) would be #1 for thought provoking lyrics delivered with furious anger. If you don’t believe me listen for yourself …

Here is a list according to RapStats the ranking of the SocialNetworks:

#1. Twitter is in the lead at the moment,

#2. Instagram,

#3. Facebook

#4. Tumblr,

#5. Myspace

#6. Snapchat

Linguists and scholars have always studied  the meanings of certain words or phrases throughout  the generations of hip-hop. Most recent an article published in the Harvard Gazette


Symposium analyzes, celebrates ‘thug’:

Legendary Tupac Shakur looked at as cultural artifact, force

By Ken Gewertz 
Gazette Staff
Few spaces at Harvard are more burdened by symbols of the University’s glorious past than the Barker Center’s Thompson Room. While the room itself is not particularly large, everything in it is on a grand scale, from the towering grandfather clock to the walk-in stone fireplace topped by a bust of John Harvard, both prominently inscribed with Veritas shields. Standing portraits of Theodore Roosevelt, Percival Lowell, and other Harvard notables hang from the floor-to-ceiling oak paneling, in which names such as Emerson, Longfellow, Bulfinch, and Agassiz have been carved in bas-relief. Click here to read more

Want to see more graphs and charts and how they breakdown click here…

Hope you enjoyed reading this as much as I enjoyed writing and researching it.

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