“Mr. Untouchable” Nipsey Hussle

“Mr. Untouchable”

Nipsey Hussle: Next King of the West Coast

By Marquell “Que” Ricks

Tell who ever in the west say they got it locked, that Nipsey Hussle stole the key. “Mr. Untouchable,” a.k.a. Nipsey Hussle is one of the top independent west coast artists out of West Los Angeles Crenshaw District. Nipsey is a very intelligent and definitely wears his last name well. Oh yes, “ Hussle is his last name,” and when you look around at various independent artist out of the west coast, it’s hard to say you can find an independent artist with the same grind and hustle as Nip Hussle’s. Nipsey Hussle isn’t your typical west coast artist that talks about gang banging, c-walking, or selling dope in the hood. Nipsey is definitely a unique and rare west coast artist that can mix gangsta rap with a little twist of conscious rap lyrics as well. I guarantee that Nipsey Hussle’s lyrics will definitely make you think about life outside of the street life, but also the harsh realities that people go through on a daily basis. When Nipsey came out the gate with his mix tape album titled, Bullets ain’t got no names vol.1, after listening to that you can bet 60$ that he put 60 Crip on the map like how Snoop Dogg made Long Beach 20 Crip known worldwide like the web. Even though Nipsey came out with the hardcore Crenshaw mentality that he was raised on, he definitely started to shock people when he started putting out more mix tape albums. The buzz in the streets from the west to the east coast about Nipsey Hussle was spreading fast. Albums such as, “The Marathon,” and “The Marathon Continues,” both released under his very own independent record label All Money In, No Money Out; have made Nipsey a mega rap sensation without even having the support or backing from a major label. Nipsey was once signed to a heavy hitter record label under Epic Records, but the inside of the deal didn’t go the way he had planned it. Besides, with a hustle and grind that Nipsey has why would he want a record deal when he can be a success under his own independent label anyways? Not to discredit other up and coming west coast artist, but there isn’t too many rappers on the independent side that I can say has matched the hustle and grind of Nip Hussle’s with the new age of upcoming west coast artist. If someone were to ask me who is in my top 5 of up and coming west coast artist, I would have to say Nipsey Hussle is number 1 on my list hands down. Nipsey has definitely earned the name of Mr. Untouchable and clearly has shown to be a young king of his class in the rap game.

Nipsey has more hustle in him then people may know. Nipsey Hussle is also a very intelligent business man outside of music. From t-shirt shops and online stores, Nipsey has clearly been blessed to have experienced the American dream of being financially free before the age of 25. Mr. Untouchable is also known to be a very humbled and loyal individual to his close friends that he grew up with him in the same west Los Angeles neighborhood, and also to his fans. When I’m in the club or in the streets of California and people talk about Nipsey Hussle, all I hear is positive things and how great of an artist he is. Nipsey gets a lot of respect not just from fans and peers, but from other major artist who have been in the rap game long before him. Artist like Snoop Dogg, The Game, Ice Cube, and Tha Dogg Pound have all vouched for Nipsey being one of the realist and most talented artist of his time.

Another side of Nipsey that the world may not know about him is that he is deeper then deep when it comes revealing the harsh realities of the hood, and standing up for what he thinks is right by any means necessary. Nipsey Hussle doesn’t wear a blue rag in his left pocket just for show; he definitely puts the Community Revolution In Progress when it comes down to crippin. Just recently Nipsey Hussle was arrested at Leimert Park in Los Angeles, CA during the Trayvon Martin rally, after learning Zimmerman won the case. L.A.P.D. had suspicions of Nipsey carrying a firearm on him. After patting him down after he was already cuffed; L.A.P.D. didn’t find anything on Nipsey and had to let him go. Now just to clear air about Nipsey being at the rally for Trayvon Martin, he was there to support with a positive state of mind and wasn’t looking for any trouble at all. Nipsey was one of many rappers who wanted to show their support and compassion for Trayvon Martin and his family.

Critics are saying that the west is dead when it comes down to music, they better think twice about saying that. The west isn’t dead and in fact the left coast is revived. Nipsey Hussle alongside with young talents like Kendrick Lamar, Jay Rock, School Boy Q, YG, and Ab-Soul, it’s safe to say that future for west coast music is definitely making a comeback. Remember Snoop Dogg put the west on the map, Th

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