Future; Rapper or Singer?

They say Future aint rapping no more, he singing now lol, but at the same time its talent right? Why do we accept what Kanye does on 808 and Heartbreaks, or Drake does? Don’t they use autotune? aren’t they rappers too? Future has an amazing ear for the way words should sound over the music. It’s hard to catch Future with the same delivery in all his music, he goes many places with his sound that majority of his genre isn’t thinking about ever going. The way Future melodically approaches his beats made it natural to find a way to fuse the rock and roll sound with hip hop. His ability to go in between writing music with Rhianna, Kelly Rowland, all the way to making hooks for  Tyga, which he is also in, in this video below, and its smooth!


Future has been on the rise since he came into the mix. The thing I respect as a fan of his music, he is passionate to delivery music. He never gives his fans a bad verse, hook or song. I mean not every song is a hit, but as a fan of his music I can appreciate the fact that it does sound like he go in the booth every time with the mindset to make a platinum hit! Since I heard of him late 2010 I’ve followed his career closely and watched him go from being a Future star, to a present figure in hip hop by staying consistent with his fan base and keeping his music current and new altogether. Future has many ways he delivers his music, to me, best sides Nate Dogg, has the best hook making skills I’ve heard so far ever.


Future got hits, go check him out if you want more its plenty of music out there of his to enjoy !

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