You Ever Seen a Dead Body – BoyZ N The Hood (Full Movie)

Film Boyz n the Hood
Author John Singleton
Role Doughboy 
Actor Ice Cube


Director John Singleton’s Classic “BOYZ N THE HOOD” walks you through growing up in the violent streets of South Central Los Angeles.

(Cuba Gooding Jr.) plays the role of Tre – who comes back to live with his father and in the hood to be brought up in a place where most young males don’t have positive roles models. During the course of the movie you see the on going struggles of trying to raise a child to become bright and young in an environment that isn’t conducive to successful parenting.

(Angela Basset) Has a very short role in the movie, playing the role of a struggling mother that drops her son off to live with his father in the hood.

(Laurence Fishburne) A disciplinarian who’s only goal is to see his only son survive in the hood.

(Morris Chestnut), plays the role of ricky- A becoming football star who suffers an unfortunate event like so many other promising stars from the hood.

(Ice Cube) plays the role of Doughboy who knows nothing else but gang banging and the streets.

This movie is a classic depictions of LA streets and what type of environment the residents had live in on a day to day basis. If you want a real peek inside the hood this movie will give you the perfect guide.

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